Brian Hazelgren​

Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor...
  • Started and sold 10 companies
  • Trained over 85,000 business owners
  • Radio Talk Show/Podcast host
  • Started the Entrepreneurship Center at Univ. Of Utah; Trained over 3,500+ MBA students; Launched 1,100+ businesses
  • Awarded multiple business and author awards
  • Generated $1.3 Billion in New Income for hospitals/physicians
  • Best Selling Author of 16 books on Entrepreneurship and Personal Development
  • CEO of fastest growing medical services franchise
  • Company awarded “Top 100 Game Changers in Franchising”
  • Company awarded “Top 50 Companies in Healthcare”
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Corporate Wellness and how it can help your company save money

Introduction to the Entrepreneur’s Playbook online courses and why these sessions are important for small business leaders

Business Strategy and Business Plans

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